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28-01-2021, 15:38

Full cycle "Star sky". BELGEE officially unveils Geely GS hatchback

Two versions of the car will be sold in Belarus at a cost of 42 thousand rubles. The plans include a full-scale assembly at the plant's facilities.

BELGEE had ambitious plans for 2020, but the pandemic was crippled. However, we saw even more than we expected. The electric car, the Atlas Pro prototype, the Coolray crossover launched into the series and our today's hero - the raised Geely GS hatchback.

Our eastern neighbors sell three options, where the most affordable one is equipped with a 6-speed mechanics, and two "older" robotic transmissions and one engine for all - a 1.8 petrol aspirated EURO-5 standard. In Belarus, in showrooms, you can see two configurations - "Comfort" and "Lux" costing 43,900 and 46,900 rubles respectively. I must say that our GS versions are already very well equipped in the database, but the list of options is impressive. A little upsetting is the absence of the most inexpensive configuration - with a 6-speed manual (it will definitely not be available for the first six months, the transmission plant is now shut down). But the "robot", which is the standard equipment of our hatchbacks, according to the experience of Russians, where the car has been on sale for more than a year, should not be afraid. There are no complaints about this transmission.

From today Geely GS will appear in showrooms of all dealers of the brand in the country, and they are in every regional city, in Soligorsk and two in Minsk. Now the car is produced using the SKD technology, but if the model, as they say, goes, the buyers like it, then we can talk about the production of a full cycle. I must say that this will be a rather risky move, since the pandemic has severely crippled the market, so to speak, of suppliers of components. Large, proven enterprises are forced to lose a lot of money due to collapsed transportation lines of units and parts. They start to raise prices, this affects the cost of the car itself, and taking into account the fact that one model is up to 2000 suppliers, it influences noticeably. A rise in prices in the current situation is impossible, you will have to look for new partners that have not been tested for years of cooperation, and this is a huge risk for well-established production.

The director of the BELGEE plant Gennady Svidersky also knows about this, who emphasized at a press conference dedicated to the presentation of the new model:

- All this takes time, and we hope that the situation with suppliers will stabilize within a year. It is important for us not to lose the strategy, build it correctly, correct it and not lose what has been achieved!

Probably, the situation will force to adjust the lending and leasing policy, as well as prices. Perhaps there will be no 3% loans yet. Nevertheless, it must be admitted - Geely has increased its share in the Belarusian market, and this despite the general drop in demand, and this is worth a lot!

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