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The "hot line" of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Smolevichskoe Housing and Public Utilities" is open from 8.00 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 17.00 Monday-Friday by phone +375 (1776) 2-73-68

Single number of reference service "one window" - 142

E-MAIL: (for business correspondence), the section "Electronic Appeals" for appeals from citizens and legal entities.


The town of Smolevichi is located 35 kilometers away from the Belarusian capital Minsk.

The town of Smolevichi was first mentioned in chronicles in 1448. According to archeological excavations, people came to settle on these lands in the New Stone Age (5-2 millennium B.C.).

Smolevichi and adjacent lands belonged to various clans at different times: starting from the second half 17th century it belonged to the Radziwills, from the second half 19th century – to the Maniushkos.

The heyday of the town and the region came in the 1930s. In early 1940s during the 4th day of the Great Patriotic War, the Smolevichi region was occupied by the Nazi invaders. Since the first days of the occupation, partisan teams and members of the underground movement had started their activities in the region. During the Great Patriotic War 26 villages of the Smolevichi region were burnt. On July 22, 1944, the town of Smolevichi was liberated from the Nazi troops. The region erected 70 monuments to honour the memory of those who were killed fighting the enemy. The magnificent Glory Mound in honour of the Soviet Army–Belarus’ liberator was erected on the Minsk-Moscow highway near Smolevichi.

The oldest company of the town is the Regional Industrial Plant. The company was set up 110 years ago. Back then it produced nogs and shoetrees for footwear. In 1907 Nahum Sutin and Haim Sutin, the owners of the company, ordered to construct a steam-driven mill there. It was operational until 1960s. Nowadays the company produces various kinds of furniture. The main industrial companies of the Smolevichi region include Smolevichi Poultry Factory, Smolevichi Reinforced Concrete Constructions Plant, Smolevichi Experimental Plant, Usyazh Company, Krasnoe Znamya Compnay, Zelenoborskoe Company and Dorelectromash Company. There are seevral joint stock companies in the region as well including Smolevichi Dairy Plant, PMK-72, Beldortechnika, Alvo. A satellite communication station, the only one in Belarus and the CIS countries, is located in the Smolevichi region near the village of Emelianovo. The station maintains electronic communication with India, China, the USA, Israel and a number of other countries.

Zhodino Experimental Base is the main agricultural company of the Smolevichi region.

The Smolevichi region is the birthplace of many famous Belarusians including ethnographer and geographer E.K. Pekarsky, astronomer G.A. Tikhov, botanist V.F. Kuprevich, archeologist A.M. Levdansky, writers Ignatiy Dubovsky, Mikola Nikanovich, Vladimir Yurevich, Ivan Sinyavsky, actress Tatiana Markhel, Olympic champions Antonina Koshel and Marina Lobach.

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