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12-10-2016, 17:34

The first in Minsk Oblast mobile filling station opened in Krupki region

The station is automated and equipped with a computer and power supply is provided by rechargeable batteries

Mobile gas station located at the entrance to the township Holopenichi. Here "Belorusneft-Minskoblnefteprodukt" is equipped with a special asphalt playground. The station is automated and equipped with a computer and power supply is provided by rechargeable batteries. Serves her only one operator-driver.

Now, mobile service gas stations can take advantage of car owners who live in the urban village Holopenichi and nearby towns. Previously, for example, residents of some villages had to go to a gas station in Krupki, reeling in one direction only about 30 kilometers.

The mobile filling station is equipped with a video surveillance system, intercom system "client-teller", a special cash register, speakerphone, fire alarm, automatic fire extinguishing system, remote indicator, which shows the price and the total value of released fuel. Payment is made in cash and non-cash payment, as well as fuel card "gas station-service" PO "Belorusneft". The product price is the same as in stationary gas station.

Mobile filling station will operate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as in the first and third Sunday of the month from 10 to 17 hours.

Today, the fleet of mobile filling station "Belorusneft" is 8 machines. Fuel two types - diesel and gasoline A-92 - they deliver to different parts of Belarus. Basically where unprofitable to build a stationary filling station.

Car enthusiasts have already appreciated another gas station, which has recently appeared on the Republican line Minsk - Mikashevichi near the city Starobin township. It is the second object in Soligorsk area, open "Belorusneft-Minskoblnefteprodukt" this year. Gas station built in the new corporate style. Cars you can fill clock gasoline AI-92, AI-95 and diesel fuel. For additional services provided post swap tires and a vacuum cleaner. In addition, the gas station store to serve our clients - a wide range of related products, and the trading floor equipped with tables with comfortable sofas where you can have a meal comfortably, have a cup of coffee.

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