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08-12-2016, 15:06

Residents of Minsk Oblast are actively using the new method of treatment to the police via post boxes

Residents of the Minsk region are actively using the new method of treatment of citizens in the police through the mail, BelTA learned from deputy head of law enforcement and prevention ATC Executive Committee Andrei Ambrazhey.

"On the territory of Minsk region can be reported to the police about illegal acts in relation to elderly people to the end of the year, including anonymously, using any mailbox. This new form of work on the interaction with the citizens of Internal Affairs of Minsk City Executive agreed with the Minsk branch of RUE" Belarusian Post ". . a clear sequence of interaction and operation of the proposed algorithm is now fully confirms its effectiveness ", - said Andrey Ambrazhey.

According to him, through the mailboxes in the police actively enters anonymous information about citizens who are engaged in the illegal manufacture, storage and sale of alcohol, which points to the relevance of the problem of alcoholism in the village. "Issues dealcoholization population, we pay special attention to. Especially suffers from surrogate alcohol is countryside, where a certain category of citizens from soldering villagers has considerable stable income. The practice shows that in some cases, alcohol is sold on the points in any quantity and for the payment of any form -. "in the bill," barter People fall into bondage, leaving sometimes completely salary or pension in this regard, we welcome any assistance from the public, and our new initiative in this case the most acceptable and available. "- said Andrei Ambrazhey.

In support, he cited examples of words. Since December 6, employees of post offices in one of the drawers in Timkovichi agrarian population center found an anonymous note with information immediately about the two local bootleggers. "More recently, through the mailboxes in Molodechno district received information about four points in three of them law enforcement officers promptly seized illegally implemented moonshine. According to concerned citizens in one of the flats on the street. Peace in Molodechno found and seized 150 liters of moonshine, prepared for sale . also, thanks to the citizens of the village Domaša revealed wholesale producer of moonshine, "- said Andrew Ambrazhey.

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