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18-01-2021, 18:44

"I am for the construction of a new landfill," Pukhovichi delegate of the All-Belarusian People`s Assembly about proposals for the forum

Ten delegates from Pukhovichi region will go to the All-Belarusian People's Assembly. Among them is Dmitry Klimashevsky. He works as the head of the Pukhovichi District Inspection of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, therefore, first of all, he will raise the environmental issues of the district.

The delegate admits that this is his first visit to the forum. The nomination turned out to be unexpected, at first Dmitry was even confused. But he quickly cheered up:

- I'm not afraid to get new experience and like to communicate with different people. Therefore, first of all, I look forward to a real dialogue from the Assembly: so that the proposals are not only heard, but also started to work on their implementation.

With regard to the Pukhovichi district, the priority issue is the construction and commissioning of an interregional landfill for solid municipal waste. So far, only one landfill operates on the territory of the district, which is located near Maryina Gorka. The scale of the Pukhovichy region complicates the logistics, so today the operating organizations are suffering great economic losses.

As the specialist points out, the problem of waste becomes especially relevant in the summer. There are about 160 garden associations in the district. When summer residents come, Pukhovichyna experiences a great recreational load.

- The implementation of the project provides for the construction of a waste processing plant and a sorting line, - adds Dmitry. - Accordingly, the level of extraction of secondary material resources will improve, and processing will become more thorough. The disposal will take much less of the waste that can be reused.

The second question that Dmitry Klimashevsky will raise at the upcoming forum concerns the organization of the work of the inspection.

- Our service has enough powers. But the implementation raises questions. For example, why do inspectors need to prepare a pile of papers in order to respond to a signal about a violation of environmental legislation?

The ecologist explains that thanks to modern technology, half an hour is enough to prepare documents. But then he adds:

- You need to understand that a few minutes are enough for the violator to evade responsibility. Therefore, I want to ask if today we really need to draw up these documents before leaving.

At the same time, Dmitry Klimashevsky is sincerely pleased that Pukhovichi district is a relatively calm area. In recent years, the environmental awareness of its inhabitants has significantly increased.

- Of course, I would like the people of our region and the republic as a whole to reduce the use of plastic. But this problem can be fully resolved only at the production level, when factories return to the use of glass and paper containers. As for the long-term perspective, I admit that Belarus can redesign and equip many waste processing complexes. You may have to face the problems of Western countries, where today there is not enough raw materials for the operation of such plants, - the ecologist smiles.

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