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15-02-2021, 15:36

The preventive action "Pedestrian" will be held on the territory of Minsk region

From 15 to 19 February this year, employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate of Minsk region will conduct a preventive action "Pedestrian". This action is aimed at preventing road accidents involving the most vulnerable category of road users.

These days, inspectors will strengthen the supervision of pedestrian compliance with traffic rules. The main causes of accidents involving pedestrians are the absence of reflective elements, crossing the carriageway outside the established place, violation of the rules for driving pedestrian crossings, especially in cities and large settlements.

The traffic police remind that traffic rules oblige pedestrians to move along sidewalks, pedestrian or bicycle paths, and in their absence - along the side of the road. In difficult weather conditions, when the shoulders are not suitable for movement, it is allowed to walk along the edge of the carriageway and only towards the moving traffic. In this case, with limited visibility and in the dark, the pedestrian must identify himself with retroreflective elements (high visibility vests). It is important that the reflectors are not obscured by folds of clothing, a bag or an umbrella.

It is only necessary to cross the road in the designated places. Even at regulated pedestrian crossings, do not begin crossing until all vehicles have stopped. Ideal - when you can meet the eyes of the driver of the car who is approaching the transition. By the look or the gesture of the hand, you will understand whether he will let you pass or not. Psychologists believe that a person who is not going to miss a pedestrian looks tense or deliberately looks away. In this case, it is safer to wait out on the sidewalk.

For violation of traffic rules by pedestrians, administrative liability is provided in the form of a fine from 1 to 3 base units. If a pedestrian participant is in a state of intoxication at the time of the offense, the fine increases to 5 BV.

The traffic police will also pay attention to the drivers. Violators will not only be punished with a fine, but also have a preventive conversation at the traffic police department.

For a driver who does not let a pedestrian pass, a penalty is provided in the form of a fine in the amount of 1 to 5 basic units.

The traffic police appeals to all road users so that in case of detection of drunk citizens who move along the road or along it, they immediately report by phone 102.

Drivers will not be ignored either. For those who did not miss a pedestrian, administrative liability is provided in the form of a fine in the amount of 1 to 5 base units.


Reference: since the beginning of the year, 21 accidents involving pedestrians have been registered, in which 8 people died and 14 received injuries and injuries. 14 accidents occurred due to the fault of pedestrians. Almost all accidents happened in the dark, and none of the dead pedestrians was marked with reflective elements.

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