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10-08-2021, 10:31

"We will not get about 300 thousand tons of grain to the level of last year" - agrarians of Minsk region about the harvesting campaign

Недоберем порядка 300 тысяч тонн зерна к уровню прошлого года» — аграрии Минщины об уборочной

An abnormally hot summer with temperatures plus 30-35 degrees negatively affected the grain harvest. The Mlyn.BY correspondent was informed about this by the Agriculture and Food Committee of the Regional Executive Committee.

By this time, about 60% of grain and leguminous crops have been harvested from the fields of the Minsk region. The farmers of the central region have threshed more than a million tons of grain.

The harvesting of winter rapeseed has been practically completed. More than 230 thousand tons were received.

In general, the harvesting campaign will be completed taking into account the natural and climatic conditions. And if force majeure does not happen - prolonged torrential rains - they plan to finish it in the next 10 days.

- Now the main task is to quickly prepare for winter sowing. The whole range of works is underway: fertilization (both organic and mineral). We also started sowing winter rapeseed. We plan to complete it by August 25, - said Sergey Primachenko, Deputy Chairman of the Agriculture and Food Committee of the Regional Executive Committee.

The committee added that the dry years that happened in Belarus this year had a negative impact on the development of plants.

- We expected a more weighty loaf than we have now. However, during the grain filling phase, a stressful effect on the plants occurred - the air temperature rose above plus 35 degrees. So there was a moisture deficit, blocking of the root system in cereals. As a result, we will not get about 300 thousand tons of grain compared to last year. 10 days of normal stable weather was not enough for us to thresh the originally planned 2 million tons.

Procurement of green fodder also continues in the region. More than 10 thousand tons of fodder are harvested daily. During the harvesting period, inter-farm teams were created.

- At the moment we have 2 million 800 thousand tons of green fodder, - said Sergei Primachenko. - If you look at the conventional head of cattle, then we are lagging behind last year's level by an insignificant figure - less than one fodder unit. Fodder failure also occurred due to drought. The grasses did not grow back. As a result of the sown one-year groups, we were forced to strategically harvest on the green conveyor, which is required daily for livestock in order not to waste milk. However, we can compensate for this lag in three days when the grass regrowth.

As explained in the committee on agriculture and food of the regional executive committee, today there is an intensive regrowth of grasses of the third cut. The farmers were actively involved in the work.


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