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10-12-2021, 13:53

More than a century in the service of the Fatherland. The military commissariat of Minsk region is 103

Больше века на службе Отечеству. Военному комиссариату Минской области 103 года

The staff of the military commissariat of Minsk region celebrates 103 years on December 7.

The history of the creation of military commissariats takes us back into the depths of the centuries. Only at different times were these structures called differently, from scribes of Ancient Rus - to military departments of local volost, uyezd, provincial and regional Soviets. 

Minsk Provincial Military Commissariat was established on December 7, 1918 by Order No. 1 of the Provincial Commissariat for Military Affairs. During the period of its existence, the military commissariat bore different names - from the Minsk provincial commissariat to the military commissariat of the Byelorussian SSR and back - to the military commissariat of the Minsk region. However, its functions have remained and remain unchanged, both during the years of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars, and in peacetime. 

As a local body of military control, the military commissariat of Minsk region, together with local executive and administrative bodies, ensures that officials, citizens of the republic fulfill the requirements of the Constitution and legislation of the Republic of Belarus on defense, social protection of servicemen, conscripts, conscripts and their families, decides the tasks of mobilization readiness and territorial defense, organizes the conscription of citizens for military service and in the reserve, as well as the preparation of young people for military service. And it should be noted that these tasks are being successfully solved.

The military commissar of Minsk region, Colonel Igor Tarabesh, noted on the holiday:

— Our army begins with a military commissariat. In terms of the content and nature of the tasks performed, we are the link between military units, local executive and administrative bodies, and most importantly the population. The tasks of the military commissariat are responsible: mobilization readiness, preparing young people for military service and other important tasks. In addition, we are responsible for organizing military registration, conscription of citizens for military service and service in the reserve, selection of candidates for contract service, admission to military educational institutions, work with military pensioners. Among the main directions of our activity are work on military-patriotic education and vocational guidance of pre-conscription youth, propaganda of the prestige of military service.

It is impossible not to recall our veterans who served in the military commissariat of the region - Heroes of the Soviet Union: Colonels Ivan Stepanovich Mirenkov and Ivan Ilyich Kustov. Their courage and heroism will forever remain an example for us in a glorious deed - serving the Fatherland.

We also remembered those who led the military commissariat of Minsk region: Major Generals Vasily Sinchilin, Konstantin Romanchenko, Pavel Vasilyev, Vladimir Korotkov, Igor Litovchenko, Colonels Matvey Malanin, Markian Pogrebnyak, Kazimir Charapkovsky, Petr Litash, Nikolai Krivchenya.

On a holiday, the military commissariat was visited by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces - First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus, Major General Viktor Gulevich, Chief of the Main Organizational and Mobilization Directorate - Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Alexander Shkirenko, representatives of local executive and administrative authorities , veterans, who congratulated the personnel on their professional holiday, expressed their gratitude and gratitude to the team.


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