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Фота з архіва

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed decree No.292 to pass the program on Belarus' social and economic development in 2021-2025, BelTA has learned. The main provisions of the program were approved by the 6th Belarusian People's Congress.

The program specifies goals, tasks, and priority directions of the country's social and economic development for the five-year term. It also specifies implementation measures, targets to measure the development of specific industries, spheres of economy and regions as well as the expected results.

The key goal of the program is to ensure stability in the society and growing welfare of citizens by means of modernizing the economy, building up the social capital, creating comfortable conditions for life, work, and self-realization of individuals.

Belarus' development will be based on such priorities as happy family, strong regions, intellectual country, and state as a partner in order to promote growing mutual trust between the state and the society, the state and the person, the state and the private sector. The program intends to achieve these priorities by resolving the most pressing problems of every citizen: earnings, employment, affordable housing, safe transport, affordable and high-tech healthcare services, quality education, and the development of the regions. A 20.2% increase in earnings will be the foundation for people's wellbeing.

The program provides for transition to a full-fledged sectoral policy for the sake of improving the quality of state administration. In particular, the program focuses on the development of industry-specific development strategies, on promotion of interests of private and state enterprises, primarily on foreign markets.

The program is supposed to bring about a brand new level of economic development of the state and respectively a brand new level of people's welfare and living standards.

Source: БелТА

Фота з архіва. "Вялікая размова з Прэзідэнтам". Аляксандр Лукашэнка ў час сустрэчы з прадстаўнікамі грамадскасці і экспертнай супольнасці, беларускіх і замежных СМІ, 2019 год

The Big Conversation with the President will take place on 9 August. Belarusian head of state Aleksandr Lukashenko is expected to meet with members of the general public, experts and representatives of the media community in the format of an open conversation, BelTA learned from the press service of the Belarusian leader.

The event will be broadcast live. Several hundred people are to be invited to take part in the event. Accreditation for Belarusian and foreign participants is open at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Press Service of the President of the Republic of Belarus) and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (National Press Center of the Republic of Belarus).

Source: БелТА

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Russian national research center Kurchatov Institute have signed a roadmap to guide their cooperation till 2030. The document was signed by Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Vladimir Gusakov and President of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk, BelTA has learned.

The roadmap contains over 40 events and projects, including those relating to nuclear energy, genetic research, nuclear medicine, the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, and other areas. Vladimir Gusakov said: “Cooperation with the Kurchatov Institute is of great interest for us. I am talking not only about nuclear research and nuclear energy. The institute specializes in a number of areas (materials science, genome technologies, healthcare, agricultural genetics) and expands its scope of research all the time. Today we've signed a roadmap that opens up broader horizons for major joint projects.”

Mikhail Kovalchuk pointed out that very powerful projects relating to a new research infrastructure based on powerful installations – megascience facilities – are being launched now. “Such a program has been launched in Russia. This infrastructure has to become the world's best within 5-7 years. This is why taking into account Belarus' potential it seems very important to recreate the common scientific and research space within the framework of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. With this in mind we've signed the roadmap with the head of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus today,” he said.

In his words, opening a branch of the Kurchatov Institute at premises of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has been suggested. Opening a Belarusian branch of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) is another proposal. “Apart from that, we've agreed we are going to draft an intergovernmental agreement on Belarus' participation in the international center based on the PIK reactor in Gatchina near St Petersburg,” the Kurchatov Institute president added.

The Russian national research center Kurchatov Institute is one of the world's top research centers. In the 20th century it was instrumental to national security and the development of strategic areas, including the development and creation of nuclear weapons, nuclear-driven underwater and surface fleets, nuclear energy industry. At present the Kurchatov Institute boasts a unique research infrastructure. It carries out research and development in a broad range of areas of modern science and technology, including power engineering, convergent NBICS technologies, particle physics, high-tech healthcare, and information technologies.

Source: БелТА

Фота з архіва

The first two million tonnes of grain have been harvested in Belarus, BelTA learned from the press service of the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 27 July, 621,300 hectares of grain and leguminous crops (excluding corn, buckwheat, millet) were harvested, or almost 29% of the target. In the lead is Brest Oblast with 147,700 hectares or 43.8% cropped. Gomel Oblast harvested 120,600 hectares or 34.6%, Grodno Oblast – 66,500 hectares, or 21.3%, Minsk Oblast - 122,600 hectares or 25.7%, Mogilev Oblast -81,900 hectares or 25.1%, Vitebsk Oblast - 82,100 hectares or 23.8%).

All in all, 2,037,000 tonnes of grain were threshed, with the average yield at 32.8 centners per hectare.

The second hay cutting was completed on 705,900 hectares (86.9% of the plan). A total of 760,500 tonnes of hay (68.1% of the target) has been harvested so far, as well as 11,326,000 tonnes of haylage (83.9%) and 328,400 tonnes of silage (1.7%).

Source: БелТА

An archive photo

Belarus is mulling over the opening of a consulate general in China's Hong Kong, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to China Yuri Senko told the STV TV channel, BelTA informs.

“At the moment, we are considering a possibility to open a fourth consulate general of Belarus in China. Our consulates are already running in such cities as Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, and today we are looking at the economic center of China, Hong Kong, which is of great interest to us,” Yuri Senko said.

According to him, Belarus is increasing the export of products with high added value to the Chinese market. “In H1 this year, our export amounted to $454 million, the growth rate was 131% as against the pre-pandemic year of 2019. These are good indicators, and there is room for growth,” the ambassador noted.

Yuri Senko also added that the meeting between the business community and heads of Belarusian diplomatic missions held by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Minsk on 22 July was productive.

Source: БелТА

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